How does OneDrive connect to Qonto?

OneDrive x Qonto

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Simplify Your Receipt Management with Qonto and OneDrive: Automatically import and archive your receipts in your personal OneDrive, where they are always ready to share.

Here's how it works:

  • Automatic Storage: Add receipts to Qonto and they will be directly secured in your OneDrive, sorted by date. Daily synchronization saves you from manual exporting.

  • Easy Access: Your documents are stored in a special folder per business account and period, providing you with an organized overview.

  • Secure Sharing: You decide who gets access to your files and folders.

Setup in a Few Steps:

  1. In the "Integrations and Partners" section of your Qonto App, select OneDrive and click on "Connect".

  2. Authenticate your personal OneDrive account and allow Qonto to synchronize.

  3. Determine from when your receipts should be synchronized.

  4. With a click on "Finish", the setup is complete. 🎉

👉 Important to Know: This integration is intended for personal Microsoft 365 accounts. Such accounts can be identified by the endings or

Using the Integration

  • Who? Account holders, administrators, and accountants with a Qonto and OneDrive account.

  • When? Existing receipts are exported immediately; new receipts daily at 11:30 PM.

  • Storage Space: Ensure you have enough available space in your OneDrive.

  • Data Privacy: Your data is only transmitted with your explicit consent, which can be revoked at any time.

Good to Know: To optimally use the integration, make sure you have enough OneDrive* storage space for the exported receipts. You can visit this page to check your remaining storage space.

If Files or Folders Are Deleted

  • Deleted files are automatically re-imported into OneDrive. Deleting a folder removes the associated receipts.

  • To restore deleted files, the integration must be reconfigured.

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