How do I connect Fizen to Qonto?
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You can link your Qonto account directly to Fizen to automate your accounting.

How does the integration work?

With the Qonto x Fizen integration, the transactions and receipts available in your Qonto account are duplicated in your account. No more entering the same information twice; it is synched automatically every day.

How to set up the integration?

  • Open your Fizen app

  • In your account settings, open the Bank accounts sections, select Add an account and select Qonto as the source

  • You will then be redirected to a Qonto login page to grant Fizen access to information from your bank accounts

  • Once the authentication process is completed, all of your Qonto bank accounts will be generated in your Fizen account

Who can use the integration?

All account owners, administrators, and accountants can configure the Fizen integration. All you need is a Qonto and Fizen accounts.

What data will be shared with Fizen from my Qonto account?

☝️ Fizen has access only to your transactions and receipts. We will not share your banking username or password. In addition, the platform is unable to charge any payments. We will not share any data without first obtaining your express authorization, which you may withdraw at any moment with a few clicks.

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