You want to create an account for your existing company or to make a capital deposit but you cannot validate the step of verifying your identity? Then you are to the right place!

To allow you to finalize your registration as soon as possible, here are some tips and tricks that should help you 🙏

1. 🖥 Complete your registration directly from a computer by assuring:

  • To use an up-to-date version of the Google Chrome which is 100% compatible with Qonto.

  • To Browse on a window in private browsing.

  • To have emptied the cache and deleted the cookies.

You have tried all these options but the problem still persists?

2. 📱 Complete or continue your registration from your smartphone using our mobile app, available for Android and IOS.

  • Make sure you are using the latest updated version of the app. To be sure, we invite you to uninstall and to download the application again.

  • Make sure you have uploaded all the necessary documents beforehand to complete your registration.

3. 🏆 Complete the two identification steps successfully.

To certify your identity successfully you need to:

  • Upload your identity documents.

Upload a photo of your identity documents accepted by Qonto directly in PDF or JPEG format.

As a reminder, we only accept identity documents (passports / identity cards) from the European Union and French residence permits.

To take an immediately admissible photo of your identity documents, I invite you to consult this article: How to take a good photo of your identity card / passport / French residence permit?

  • Make the identification video.

For the video to be admissible, be sure to:

  • Turn your head and read the numbers aloud.

  • Being alone on the video.

  • Be in a bright place.

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