As a Manager, where can I find my permissions?
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The Manager role is available on the Business and Enterprise plans.

The Manager role enables team leaders and office and finance managers to manage their team’s expenses or company spending.

This role is customizable: Admins or Account Holder define permissions for each Manager individually, for a team or for the whole company.

Where can I check my permissions?

Each Manager has their own permissions. Managers can check the permissions they have access to on their Qonto account.

On desktop

  1. Go to the Team expenses section on your left

  2. Click on Members

  3. Click on the Manager profile

On mobile

  1. Go to More

  2. Go to Team members

What is the scope of permissions?

Depending on the Managers’ job (team leader or office and finance manager), Admins and Account Holder can give permission to the Managers either for a single team or the whole company. Managers don’t have access to the same permissions according to their scope of permissions.

What permissions can Managers have access to?

Permissions Managers can have access to:

  • Expense management: order and allocate cards, enter or approve transfers (within predefined limits) or direct debits, and cash checks

  • Team management: invite and revoke employees within their scope of permissions

  • Financial monitoring: see account balance, IBAN, transaction history, and export statements (available only on the Whole company scope)

  • Bookkeeping: verify transactions, manage suppliers and manage custom labels.

  • Supplier invoices: collect supplier invoices, associate them with transactions and pay them or prepare payments (available with the Whole company scope).

👆The Admin or Account Holder define Managers’ scope of permissions and permissions during the invitation process. Managers’ permissions can be edited at any moment by the Admin or Account Holder, with immediate effect.

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