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How does the integration between Sibill and Qonto work?
Updated over a week ago

Sibill is the digital cash register solution for small businesses.

Get an aggregate view – and always automatically updated – of your current and future cash flows. Sibill also gives you the opportunity to analyse how prospective income and expenses impact your liquidity.

How does the integration work?

The integration allows you to manage aggregate liquidity together with future cash flows. In fact, Sibill not only allows you to analyse aggregate current finances but also future ones, based on the history of your transactions but also on scheduled invoices.

How can I integrate Sibill?

Connecting your Qonto account to Sibill is really simple, all you need is just a few clicks! 🖱

To get started, click here and create an account. Then connect your Qonto account with 1 single login.

Done! ✅

☝️ Alternately:

  1. Access the Connect section of your Qonto app;

  2. Click on Sibill

  3. Select your enterprise;

  4. Click on Accept;

  5. Once directed to Sibill, select your Qonto account;

  6. Click on Connect.

Done! ✅

Who can take benefit from this integration?

This feature is available for all the packages offered by Qonto, you just need to create a single account on Sibill to link all your accounts.

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