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Is it possible to open a dedicated account on Qonto?
Is it possible to open a dedicated account on Qonto?
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The dedicated account-which came into force with Law 136 of 2010-is nothing more than a particular current account, opened at a Banking Institution or at the Italian Post Office-restricted to the management of receipts and disbursements to and from the Public Administration, in order to ensure their traceability.

The dedicated account is required, by way of example but not limited to, for companies wishing to participate in:

  • Public contracts

  • Major works

In addition, the same may also be necessary for enterprises that need to receive funds from:

  • Public Administration (public works, services and supplies)

  • Concessionaires of public funding (including European funding)

A dedicated account is for all intents and purposes a special type of current account and, for this reason, cannot be offered by our Institute. Qonto is in fact a Payment Institution and - as such - can only offer "payment accounts" but not "current accounts."

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