Sole proprietor (Einzelunternehmer)
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What documents does Qonto require when registering as a sole trader?

Qonto offers business accounts for companies registered in the German Commercial Register as well as for sole traders who have registered their activities with the Trade Licence (Gewerbeschein).

Sole proprietorships are companies that are founded by a single person. The sole proprietor owns their business 100% and can make decisions without having to consult a co-owner or a co-managing director beforehand.

📃 What documents does Qonto ask for?

  1. A valid proof of identity

    A valid proof of identity

    You can read about which documents are accepted as proof of identity and what features to look out for: What proofs of identity does Qonto accept when you register?

  2. Trade Licence (Gewerbeschein)

    You should have received a trade license after registering or re-registering your business at the Trade Licensing Office. It must be signed and stamped (not required if the document is typed and explicitly mentions that it’s valid without signature and stamp). Find a sample document below:

    During the registration process, upload the trade license.

    If you don’t have the document and the tax number (Steuernummer) yet, you can upload it within 30 days after signing the Qonto contract in your account settings.

    Without the trade license, after the 30-day period, since this information is legally required, if we don’t have it, we’ll unfortunately have to close your account.

    Note that the closing process takes 30 days.

    During this closing period, you won’t be able to take any actions, you’ll only have view access. The registration Information is legally required.

    If you don’t have a trade license (GewA1 or GewA2), contact your local trade office (Gewerbeamt) to request a new copy.

  3. An official proof of address (optional)

    If the address on the trade license is no longer current, also upload a current proof of address (no older than three months). For example, we accept an electricity bill or your tax assessment notice as such. If not available, take another document from an official source that proves your new address. combine the trade license and the proof of address into one document and upload it during registration.

⚠️ Important: Ensure that all documents are uploaded in sufficient quality (resolution, legibility, completeness). We recommend that you take photos with a smartphone camera, bearing the following in mind:



High quality/resolution


Indirect and sufficient room lighting

Light reflections (e.g. from scanner or flash)

All edges and corners visible

Missing pages

Fully visible and legible information

Screenshots or photos of secondary screens

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