How does the Xero integration work?
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Save yourself precious time by simplifying your bookkeeping: with Qonto, import all your transactions into Xero automatically.

When you have new transactions in Qonto, they will be synced automatically into Xero at 11pm each night:

  • No more tedious manual exports: your transactions are synched automatically with Xero daily.

  • Ready to be used: your Qonto transactions are ready to be reconciled and analyzed to help you track your company expenses.

☝️ Keep in mind that attachments are not synced with this integration. If you need them in Xero, you will need to import them manually.

How to set up the integration

From the Qonto web app, go to the Settings icon on the bottom left of the page. Click on Integrations and Partnerships > Integrations, then search for Xero in the list of integrations.

Once you are on the Xero page, simply click “Connect” in the top right of the web application screen and follow these steps:

  1. Click New authentication

  2. Enter an Authentication name of your choice; the name will be suggested to you if you decide to reconnect Xero to your Qonto account

  3. Click Create

  4. Authenticate with your Xero account information

  5. Once logged into Xero, select the Xero organization to sync with and authorize Qonto to sync your data in Xero

  6. If you have multiple organizations in Xero, in the dropdown, select the Xero organization you would like to sync with

  7. Finally, click Finish... and you’re done. 🎉

Your integration is now ready.

Your Qonto accounts will be created automatically in Xero within a few minutes. Your transactions will be synced in those newly created bank accounts. Any account you created manually in Xero will remain untouched by this integration.

☝️ Good to know: If you see Connected in the top right of the Connect Xero page, it means that a user’s Xero account is already synced. To change the Xero account linked to your Qonto account and connect your Xero account, just click on Connected and on Disconnect Xero. Then, set up the integration again by following the steps above.

Please note that the synchronization of the previously connected Xero account will be stopped.

Who can use the integration?

All account holders, administrators and accountants can set up this integration with Xero. All you need is a Qonto and Xero account.

When are my transactions imported into Xero?

Any new transaction associated with your Qonto bank accounts will be synced automatically once a day at 11pm CET. If you open a new current account in Qonto after configuring the integration, it will be created automatically in Xero.

What happens if I delete a transaction or a bank account in Xero?

If you delete a Qonto transaction in Xero, this transaction won’t be synced again. If you delete a Qonto bank account in Xero, unless you deactivate this account in Qonto, we will create this account again in Xero. As long as the account is still active in Qonto, it may continue to receive transactions that need to be synced into Xero.

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