How can I renew a virtual card when it expires?
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Is a virtual card that belongs to you or a team member about to expire?

Renewing a Qonto virtual card requires very little effort on your side. We’ve automated and simplified the creation process, so you can keep paying for the things your business needs.

When exactly does my card expire?

Like a physical card, a virtual card expires after 3 years. The expiration date is written on your card, and is also visible in-app in the section “Cards” as follows: MM/YY. That means the virtual card will be valid until the very last day of the month indicated.

For example, if the expiration date displayed on your virtual card is 01/23, your card will be valid until 23:59:59 on January 31, 2023 and will no longer work on February 1, 2023.

How will I know when my card is expiring?

I am a cardholder (regardless of my role in the company):

  • 45 days before your virtual card expires, you will receive an email and a mobile push notification reminding you of your upcoming card expiration. At this time, you will also see the new virtual card that we have automatically created for you available in your account.

    💡You’ll have 2 virtual cards visible in your app in the 45 days up to your card expiration, but don’t worry! If you are paying for your virtual card (applies for solo basic plan only - virtual cards are free for all the other plans), you will only be charged for one card.

  • 15 and 7 days before the day your virtual card expires, you will receive email and push notification reminders prompting you to update your card details on the merchants sites where your old card is registered.

I am an Admin or Manager and manage multiple employee cards**:**

  • 45 days before your employee’s virtual card expires, you will receive an email to notifying you that their virtual card is expiring, and that we have created a new one for them with the same card settings as the previous virtual card. If you want to change the settings of this new card, you can do it directly on your account in the ”Cards” section.

What happens when I have paid for a virtual card? (Only applies for Solo Basic plan)

Virtual cards are free except if you are in the solo basic plan

While you’ll be able to use both cards during the 45 day transition period, you will only be charged for one.

When the old card expires or is deleted , the billing for the new card will automatically start.

What happens if my virtual card is attached to Google or Apple Pay ?

Google and Apply Pay will be automatically updated with your new virtual card’s information 45 days before your old card expires. In other words, 6 weeks before your old card expires, it will be replaced by your new virtual card information.

What happens to my new virtual card informations and settings?

Your virtual card will have a new credit card number. To avoid having failed transactions once your old card expires, it’s important you provide these new card details to the merchants where you have recurring payments. Otherwise you risk having transactions declined once your old card has expired.

Some merchants have automatic access to the new card information for recurring debits, so your new card may be debited in these cases without you having to do anything.

While the card number will change, the card’s settings will not. The new card will maintain the same payment limits and settings as the old card.

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