Qonto has chosen UnipolMove, a solid alternative to motorway electronic tolls, to allow you to pay tolls on the highway by avoiding queues at toll booths and saving time.

With UnipolMove, in addition to electronic toll collection, you will have many other mobility services available: affiliated car parks, blue lines, Area C of Milan, supplies, payment of road tax and much more.

Here are the advantages for you:

  • Smart

Use the app to consult transactions, manage payments, receive assistance and much more.

  • Conveniente

Benefit from discounts on the products and services of Unipol Group companies.

  • Sicuro

In case of theft or loss, don't worry, the device is insured.

  • Libero

Withdraw whenever you want, without any penalties.

What is the UnipolMove offer dedicated to Qonto customers?

If you are a Qonto customer, you have 9 months free on the Business offer (then €1/month). The offer is valid until 31 March 2023 (terms and conditions on UnipolMove.it).

How do I activate the UnipolMove offer for Qonto?

  1. Find the Agenzia UnipolSai closer to you;

  2. Go to the agency and subscribe to the UnipolMove Business service with the promotion dedicated to Qonto by 31 March 2023;

  3. Fill out the subscription indicating the IBAN of your Qonto account as IBAN.

And it's done! You will immediately receive the electronic toll device, which can be managed from the UnipolMove.it website or via the app, and you can start rolling with UnipolMove.

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