How to create a credit note on Qonto?
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A credit note is a document from a seller to a buyer that reduces the owed amount for a product or service. It can be for full or partial amounts, and multiple credit notes can relate to a single invoice.

Reasons to issue a credit note include product returns or incorrect invoice info.

💡 By law, invoices can't be modified or deleted once issued. A credit note is crucial to cancel an invoice partially or fully, allowing a new, accurate one.

How can I create a credit note?

If your invoice is unpaid:

  1. Go to the Invoicing section, in Qonto, on a desktop.

  2. Pick the invoice, click on Cancel with credit note.

  3. Enter the required details:

    • Credit note number: if you've set up automatic invoice numbering, your credit notes also get automatic numbering. For manual invoice numbers, assign credit note numbers manually.

    💡 If you're using manual numbering and have issued credit notes elsewhere before, make sure Qonto's credit notes are numbered sequentially. For instance, if your last note elsewhere was CN-1, your first Qonto note should be CN-2. Customize credit note numbers in Settings by using manual invoice numbering when creating an invoice.

    • Issue date

    • Additional details (optional)

Note that for credit notes issued from unpaid invoices, the Items section stays unchanged and can't be edited.

It is not possible to cancel partially an unpaid invoice.

If your invoice is already paid or is canceled:

  1. Pick the invoice and click on Create credit note, or pick the invoice Canceled and click on Create credit note

  2. Enter the required details:

    1. Credit note number (manual/auto)

    2. Issue date

    3. Items: List items for cancellation. Adjust quantity, price, VAT for partial credit notes.

    4. Additional details (optional)

When ready, click on Create credit note. After creation, credit notes can't be canceled. You can share it via email or link.

💡 If you make a credit note with a lower amount by mistake, create a second one. A full credit note cancels an invoice's status, whether it was paid or unpaid. Paid invoices with a partial credit note, rest as Paid.

Invoices with credit notes appear with a small credit note icon. To see, open the invoice and click on Credit note in the Related document(s) section.

Can I create debit notes on Qonto?

You can only make credit notes on Qonto right now. If you billed less than what's owed, create a new invoice for the remaining amount. You can also add a short explanation in the optional Terms, conditions, and legal notices' field on the invoice if needed.

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