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I need a certified email (PEC) and digital signature for my new company. Qonto Starter Pack
I need a certified email (PEC) and digital signature for my new company. Qonto Starter Pack
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With the Qonto Starter Pack, you get the essential digital tools to start your business quickly and easily.

The complete package includes Qonto's business account with integrated electronic invoicing, certified email (PEC), and a digital signature from InfoCert, the largest European Certification Authority.

By requesting the Starter Pack, you can choose the complete package or only some of the available tools:

  • 2 months of Qonto business account for free, 100% online, intuitive, and transparent, simplifying the financial and accounting management of your clients. You can open the account even before receiving the Chamber of Commerce Extract, as soon as you have the notarized articles of incorporation;

  • A remote digital signature provided by InfoCert, valid for 3 years. The digital signature holds the same legal value as a handwritten signature and is mandatory for online company formation;

  • A PEC (certified email) provided by InfoCert, a registered PEC manager in the Public List of Accredited Managers, with one year of usage included, allowing you to send certified emails with legal value equivalent to a return receipt requested letter.

How can I take advantage of the Qonto Starter Pack?

Request our Starter Pack by filling out the form at this link, and you will be contacted by a Qonto consultant who will guide you step by step through all the necessary steps to start your business, up to the opening of the account.

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