What is my card coverage insurance?
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Qover insurance provides coverage to the Qonto cardholder, starting January 1st 2023. The level of coverage varies depending on the card.

To consult the details of your card’s insurance coverage, you can :

  1. - Download the terms and conditions here : One legal notice/Plus legal notice/X legal notice.

  2. - Consult one of our existing FAQs:

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  • Social Protection (Social security, health mutuals...)

  • Tax Law (VTA, real estate, tax inspection...)

  • Data Privacy (GDPR)

You can get up to 2 appointments per year if you own a PLUS card, and up to 5 appointments per year if you own an X card. Book online a meeting with one of the selected high quality lawyers to get the big issues out of the way, by consulting the following page : https://qonto.caarl.fr/en/login

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