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What Travel assistance and insurance are offered on the Plus and X cards?
What Travel assistance and insurance are offered on the Plus and X cards?
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What is travel assistance?

The travel assistance coverage provides you with a series of services to help you in the case of accidents, death, repatriation, or legal suits that occur while you are traveling. More information is available here.

Where can I get the travel insurance certificate for my Visa application ?

If the Visa agency or embassy ask you for a travel insurance certificate for your trip, paid for with your Qonto Plus or X card, you can request it via this application form.

Who is eligible for travel insurance coverage ?

You are eligible for travel insurance coverage provided by the Qonto insurance program if you are:

- A Plus or X cardholder

- The spouse of a Plus or X cardholder

- The cardholder’s unmarried children or grandchildren, under the age of 25,

- The cardholder’s fiscally dependent ascendants

Which trips are eligible for travel insurance coverage?

Your travel must comply with the following conditions :

- The trip was purchased with the "Plus" or "X" Qonto card

- Travel was more than 100km from the insured home or office location

- The trip was shorter than 90 days

- Worldwide, except in specified countries: North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine.

What is the trip cancellation coverage ?

Receive up to €5000 per insured person, per year, if your trip has been cancelled or delayed due to an accident, death, layoff, employer-caused change of holiday date, or professional change. More info here.

What is the travel delay coverage ?

The inconvenient expenses that you encounter due to a train or flight delay or cancellation – for instance, food, drink, hostels, airport transfers or purchase of new ticket – can be reimbursed. There is a limit of €800 per claim regardless of the number of insured people on the trip.

What is the luggage coverage?

Your luggage and personal belongings are insured up to €1000 per claim in the case of loss, theft or damage by the transport carrier. A €70 deductible, to be paid out of your own pocket, remains.

What is the car rental waiver coverage?

You can be refunded up to 5000€ for the excess you had to pay in case of damage or theft of the rented vehicle.

Provided that you rented the vehicle with your Qonto card and that the rental company does not offer insurance covering this deductible.

What is the snow & mountain coverage?

In case of accident in the mountain or while skiing, you will be covered for:

- Search and rescue costs in the mountain

- Medical costs

- Damage to ski gear

- Unused ski lessons and unused ski passes following an accident

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