How does the integration between TeamSystem and Qonto work?
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Thanks to the integration between TeamSystem and Qonto, you can finally optimize the management of receipts and payments by connecting your company accounts to your management systems.

By connecting your Qonto account to your accounting software, you can:

– Consult the balance and movements of your accounts, automatically updated every day;

– Check your financial situation from a single point and save time and resources;

– Search, filter, sort and export the aggregated movement lists of your accounts;

– Easily reconcile bank movements with invoices receivable and payable and reduce the possibility of errors.

In conclusion, make your treasury and account reconciliation processes more effective in an automated manner, reducing the risk of errors and the need for cross-checks and revisions.

The TeamSystem group is a leader in Italy in the development and marketing of management software for small companies, micro-businesses and professionals.

How do you access the feature?

  1. To connect your Qonto accounts to TeamSystem you need to have integrated the module to your management or accounting software. Then simply click on 'Add another account' to add your IBANs.

  2. Once connected, you can manage collections and payments directly from the interface: importing transactions from the period of interest and initiating invoice payments, partial or total, directly from the document.

  3. If you require assistance, you can refer to the assistance you already benefit from with your management software. In addition, here you will find frequently asked questions about the TeamSystem Pay module.

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