How to re-issue the deposit certificate ?
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The re-issue of a deposit certificate occurs when a change is made to the company's information during the creation process.

How do I request a certificate amendment?

You can fill in your request directly by clicking on the button below :

Our dedicated team will analyze your request and get back to you within a few minutes to take the next steps.

You can request the following changes to your certificate:

Change the surname/first name of one of the shareholders

you can contact us directly via the form.

Change your address and legal form

We need your updated bylaws

Change your company name

We need your updated bylaws and a declaration of honor for the change of name (available at the bottom of this page)

Change your capital amount

We need your updated bylaws, your personal IBAN (if it is a capital decrease) and/or an additional transfer to the deposit account (if it is a capital increase).

⚠️ Deposit accounts are closed at this stage. **It is therefore important to initiate the change request before making the complementary transfer, **otherwise we will not be able to receive the transfer.

Replace an expired certificate

Nothing needed, you can contact us directly via the form.

Please note:

  • Any changes to the list of subscribers after the funds have been received will result in the closure of your account. We will reimburse you for the costs incurred and assist you with your new registration.

  • These procedures involve the re-issuing of your certificate by the notary. An additional time is necessary to make the changes: you will receive your new certificate reissue within a few days. 🕚

  • 🚨 Be sure to communicate the final information: the notary will only be able to reissue your certificate of deposit twice.

What happens after I submit my amendment request?

Once you have submitted your amendment request, you will receive a new deposit request to sign from a computer.

💡 Please disregard the "File your share capital" page, go directly to the next step.

After your signature, 2 versions of your modified certificate will be available:

  • Digital deposit certificate: the notary will send it to you by email within 48 working hours. This version allows you to register online on the Guichet unique.

  • Original deposit certificate: This will be sent to you by post, within 7 working days at your home address.

Declaration of honor for the change of company name (remember to select the notary listed on your certificate):

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