How to manage your customer quotes?
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Once your quotes have been created on the Qonto interface, you can find them in your main quotes page. From this page you can manage and track all your quotes, for better control and visibility over your negotiations.

Each line corresponds to one quote and displays its issue date, expiry date, status, and amount. Quotes display 3 different statuses, visible on your quotes’ list:

  • Pending approval: Default status for quotes that have just been created and for which the status has not been changed.

  • Approved: Quote marked as approved on Qonto

  • Canceled: Quote marked as canceled on Qonto

Click on a quote to see more details, manage the status, download it, or share it again with your client.

💻 Managing your quotes is only available via the web app.

How to edit a customer quote?

Editing a quote may be necessary when negotiating with your clients, for example to modify the terms of the offer.

To edit a quote, you can click on it from your quotes’ list. Click on the Edit quote button to open the editing panel and modify the quote’s information.

You can now Save your quote with the new information and share it again with your client.

⚠️ Only quotes that are Pending approval can be edited. Once a quote is transformed into an invoice, it is no longer editable. A quote remains editable until it is transformed into an invoice!

If a quote Pending approval expires, you can edit the quote and extend the validity date, in agreement with your counterparty.

How to mark a quote as Approved?

To change a quote from Pending approval to Approved, you can click on it to open the quote panel. In the panel, click on the Mark as Approved button.

☝️ Important: It is not possible to revert the status of a quote that has been Approved or Canceled.

Once approved, the quote assumes the value of a legally-binding contract with your counterparty. Any modification cannot be unilaterally made by the issuer and will need to be agreed upon with your counterparty.

How to mark a quote as Canceled?

You can also cancel a quote Pending approval. To do so, click on a quote to open the quote panel. In the panel click on Cancel quote.

Once the quote has been canceled, you’ll still be able to download it, but you will not be able to share it with your client.

How to create an invoice from a quote?

To help you get paid faster and more easily, you can create an invoice from a quote that has been Approved.

To create an invoice, you can click on an Approved quote from the quotes page. You can then click on Create invoice, and this will automatically create a draft invoice pre-filled with the information in your quote.

Once you have confirmed the information in the draft invoice, click Create invoice to finalise the invoice and send it to your customer.

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