Which options do I have with Qonto and DATEV?

Save time & energy with Qonto & DATEV integrations.

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By integrating Qonto with DATEV, you can simplify your accounting while saving time and energy.

Our integrations allow you to automatically synchronise transactions, receipts and invoices between Qonto and DATEV, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

The seamless connection between Qonto and DATEV allows you to streamline your accounting and focus on growing your business.

Qonto currently offers three different interfaces for DATEV, available for customers with a German IBAN at Qonto.

DATEV Belegbilderservice
DATEV-Schnittstelle with RZ-Bankinfo
DATEV-Schnittstelle with FinAPI (PIN/TAN)

What advantages do the DATEV integrations with Qonto offer me?

DATEV Belegbilderservice

  • Automatic synchronization of receipts and invoices between Qonto and DATEV Unternehmen Online (DUO).

  • Time savings through automatic synchronization, no manual transfer of receipts required.

  • Prerequisites: Complete setup of DUO for the company including DATEV Belege Online, access medium for the login (SmartLogin, SmartCard or mIdentity).

DATEV interface with RZ-Bankinfo

  • Automatic retrieval and processing of bank data within the DATEV accounting software.

  • Seamless integration to automate the import of transaction data for efficient financial management.

  • Automatic creation of booking suggestions in the DATEV accounting software.

  • Important: RZ-Bankinfo must be set up in the DATEV application before the connection is established via Qonto.

  • Prerequisites: Complete setup of DATEV accounting software, access to the DATEV data center (SmartLogin, SmartCard, or mIdentity).

DATEV interface with FinAPI (PIN/TAN)

  • Convenient and easy synchronization of transactions between DATEV Unternehmen Online (DUO) and the Qonto account via the FinAPI interfaces.

  • Prerequisites: Complete setup of DUO for the company, access medium for the login (SmartLogin, SmartCard or mIdentity).

Who can use the DATEV integrations with Qonto?

  • All account holders, administrators and accountants can set up the DATEV integrations with Qonto.

  • Please note that the DATEV receipt image service and the DATEV interface with RZ-Bankinfo is only available for our Smart, Premium, Essential, Business and Enterprise packages. Click here to find out how to change your current tariff

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