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Create an impactful business logo with Qonto AI-powered generator!
Create an impactful business logo with Qonto AI-powered generator!
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At Qonto, we're always looking for ways to support business creators. That's why we're excited to introduce our new logo creation feature.

This tool leverages artificial intelligence to design professional-looking logos tailored to your company's identity. Whether you’re just beginning or seeking to perfect a logo idea, our tool powers you up! 🚀

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how does it work?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that aims to create software programs capable of intelligent behavior such as solving problems, giving guidance or making something new, like a logo for your company. AI works by analyzing vast amounts of data given by their programmer, recognizing patterns, and making decisions based on this analysis. 🤖

This technology is not brand new, it was used already in a wide range of applications like video games, industrial automations, security systems, healthcare, finance, marketing recommendations, self-driving-cars. The new thing is the great democratization coming from AI programs that use humans words as instructions. ✍️

While mind-blowing, an AI, like any other computer program, is only capable of doing what it is designed and trained for. It just gets better and better at it, learning from feedbacks and/or new data.

How to generate an impactful logo?

From the moment you wait for the deposit certificate until you access your business account, you will be able to use our creative tool to generate up to 20 logos.
Access the tool from the left panel and let your ideas flourish! 🪷

  1. Write as many details as you want about your industry, company activity or brand identity.
    Request for any symbols, shapes or objects to be included with associated colors if necessary, but focus on only a few elements to avoid overloading.
    Keep sentences simple, precise and organized for maximum accuracy.
    The tool is configured to generate a business logo, not masterpiece paintings. Also, please take care to respect OpenAI usage policy.

  2. Select the main color theme of your logo or let the AI choose what could suit the best.

  3. Select the design style of your logo or let the AI surprise you. You can see as example the Qonto flower.

  4. Read and accept the terms and conditions.

  5. Click on generate and see from yourself! 🙌

Once you generated a logo that you like, you can set it as Qonto avatar (and Qonto invoicing logo if eligible).

All your previously created logos, up to 20, are stored in the logo creation tool and you can download them for later use.

💡 Still be mindful, with AI using the same details and criteria will never produce the same logo. If you’re interested in one and want to iterate on it with externals tools, better download it.

What usage can I legally make of this logo?

Now that you have a great company logo, you might wonder what can you legally do with it? How to officially register it?

Everything is answered in this extensive article.

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