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How to connect my external accounts to my Qonto interface?
How to connect my external accounts to my Qonto interface?
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Available for all pricing plans

You can now seamlessly track your professional external accounts in Euros directly within your interface with the account aggregation feature.

This allows you to conveniently monitor your external account balances and transactions from within the Qonto app to simplify your company’s accounting:

  • all financial data centralized

  • greater control and visibility over your financial information

Which roles can connect an external account onto Qonto?

Account holders and Admins have the ability to manage the connections with external institutions, on both web and mobile Qonto app.

Only Owner, Admin and Reporting roles can view external accounts data.

In the article, the word institutions refer to external banks or PSPs.

A PSP (Payment Service Provider) is is a third-party company that allows businesses to accept electronic payments, such as credit cards and debit cards.

i.e: Stripe and Paypal are Payment Service Providers.

How to set it up on my account?

To connect (or reconnect) your professional external account, please follow the steps below.

👆 Good to know: We recommend connecting external accounts exclusively in euros.

🖥️ From the web app:

  1. Go to your Business Account section > Accounts and click on Add an account

  2. Click on External account > Choose

  3. Select the bank account you wish to import onto your Qonto dashboard

    1. From the most popular banks and PSPs already suggested

    2. From the search bar if it doesn’t appear in the suggestions

  4. Approve the connection to your external account by giving your consent by:

    1. Clicking on Allow and continue You can scan the QR code with your phone and then log in directly on your external bank phone app. This option is only available for some institutions.

    2. Or by clicking on Continue from desktop You will be redirected to your external account to log in with your usual logins.

  5. Select the bank accounts you wish to connect to Qonto. You can select more than one account at once. They are identifiable thanks to the name and the balance shown.

All set up! You will then be redirected to Qonto and your external account will appear in your Accounts section. You will receive a confirmation email once the data are fully synced.

📱 From the mobile app:

  1. From the Home screen > go to the Balance section > Press the ➕ symbol

  2. Select External account

  3. Approve the connection to your external account by giving your consent and click on Allow and continue

  4. Select your account and log in with your user your usual logins

  5. Allow the connection to Qonto

You’re all set up!

👆 Good to know: If the institution you want to connect does not appear in the list, please fill out this form, which will then be forwarded to our partner.

How will it look like on my interface?

You will find all of your account in the Accounts section of your interface. Both your Qonto and external accounts will be divided in 4 categories, ordered by the most used to less used:

1st category: Current accounts (cashflow)

2nd category: Savings accounts

3rd category: Wealth accounts (long term financial investments)

4th category: Other accounts, commonly used when the type of account doesn’t fit in any of the categories above.

The logos of your external bank/PSP will appear in your list of accounts to ease your navigation on your interface. They will also appear in the transactions list so you can identify quickly which transaction was made with which of your account.

You can filter and personalize your view by selecting your accounts from the Overview section, click on All accounts, select the ones you want and press Apply.

You will have access to the history of your external transactions for the past 3 months or more, depending on your bank.

Do I need to renew the sync at some point?

Yes, for safety reasons, you will have to renew your connection every 6 months. You will receive a notification directly on the Qonto app with a link to click on, which will launch a flow to renew your consent.

If the connection is interrupted, the external data remains visible for a few months but the exact delay depends on the external bank/PSP, not on Qonto.

However, if you manually disconnect your external account from Qonto, attached receipts to the external transactions will be lost. It will not be possible to recover them.

How to disconnect an external account from Qonto?

🖥️ You can do it from the web app:

  • Go to the Business Account section > click on Accounts > select the bank account

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner > then Manage connection

  • Disconnect your account

Can Qonto access those accounts?

No, Qonto only retrieves data from your external accounts to display and enrich them. Qonto does not have access to your banking credentials and cannot initiate transactions on your accounts.

Can I export transactions made on external accounts from Qonto?

Yes, you can include external transactions and their attachments done via Qonto in your export. Please click here to find out how to export your transactions.

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