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Creating my company with Qonto
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What are the requirements to proceed to the initial capital deposit of a French company with Qonto?
What are the requirements to proceed to the initial capital deposit of a French company with Qonto?

The eligibility criteria to create your company with Qonto

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You want to make your capital deposit with Qonto in order to incorporate your company. We invite you to consult the conditions below to confirm that your project is eligible:

Legal Form

Capital deposit with Qonto is open to the following legal form :

  • SAS / SASU




  • SCI / SC

  • SNC

ℹ️ You want to transform your freelance activity into a company (SASU, SAS, SARL, …)?

Transformation of a freelance activity into a company requires formalities and often a capital deposit.

The capital deposit cannot be done directly on your freelance Qonto account. You will need to start a new Qonto registration for company creation.


Headquarters must be located in France (except Monaco), Guadeloupe , Guyane, Martinique, Mayotte, La Réunion, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin ou Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.


Your company’s activity must not be related to the activity listed in the forbidden activities.

Holding companies cases :

Holding companies can open a Qonto account in minutes, 100% online. For more information about our conditions, please contact us.


  • Physical shareholders (individuals) 👤 :

    • Must provide an acceptable proof of identity with ongoing validity

    • Emancipated minors are accepted upon presentation of an emancipation letter signed by a judge

    • Non-emancipated minors are accepted only if one of the parents is a shareholder and upon presentation of a certificate signed by both parents (or the sole legal guardian + the court decision giving parental authority to one single parent)

  • Corporate shareholders (companies) 🏢 :

    • Companies incorporated in France 🇫🇷, Italy 🇮🇹, Spain 🇪🇸, Germany 🇩🇪, Belgium 🇧🇪, Luxembourg 🇱🇺United Kingdom 🇬🇧 (and if applicable, owned by companies in those countries)

    • French law 1901 associations or assimilated 🇫🇷

ℹ️ At least one shareholder (or legal representative of a corporate shareholder) must live in France 📍🇫🇷

Share capital

  • Share capital must be fixed or partially released.

  • Partially released contributions, under these conditions :

    • SARL, EURL: the associates are obliged to deposit a minimum of 20% of the total amount of funds at the capital deposit stage.

    • SA, SAS, SASU: the associates are obliged to deposit a minimum of 50% of the total amount of funds at the capital deposit stage.

    • SNC: there is no mandatory amount to deposit at the capital deposit stage. The client is free to choose the amount.

    • ⚠️ The amount to be deposited must be specified in the draft bylaws by the client, and the remaining capital must be deposited within 5 years of the anniversary of your registration.

  • Minimal cash contribution is €1 by cash contributor

  • In-kind contributions are accepted, under these conditions :

    • Total in-kind contributions does not represent more than half of total share capital

    • Individual value of each in-kind item is under €30 000

    • Validation by Qonto of invoices and value estimates to date (in case of material items)

  • Maximum share capital for SCI / SC is €10 000 (no limit for other legal forms)

  • The minimum capital to be deposited for a transport company is 1800 euros

Frequently asked questions 💡

  • Who can start opening the Qonto account? *The Registration ***on Qonto must be carried out by an associate (or a legal representative of a corporate shareholder)

  • Which documents should I provide to be the account owner? The account owner is the person doing the registration. It must provide an admissible and valid identity document

  • What means of payment are accepted for registration? It is only possible to pay for Qonto registration fee by credit card

  • Can I deposit my capital by credit card, check or cash? The deposit of contributions can only be made by bank transfer. For more information on the deposit of contributions, click here

  • Would you like to find the invoice for your Capital Deposit payment? We have sent it to you in the mail entitled "Your Qonto invoice" on the day of your payment.

Do you meet all the necessary conditions?

So, let's go ! Click on this link to start your registration! 🚀

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