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Why does Qonto perform a regulatory check?
Why does Qonto perform a regulatory check?
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In compliance with the requirements of the Monetary and Financial code, Qonto needs to collect and review specific information about:

  • The company you are opening a current account for

  • The individuals using your company's Qonto account

While we are proceeding with legal verifications, you have access to your Qonto account. However, restrictions apply until your company identity is confirmed:

  • You can create cards but you will only be able to receive or use the cards, see their numbers after the validation of your information. The ordered cards could not be shipped.

  • You can initiate transfers but they won't be completed until we confirm your identity.

If you are an Employee on the Business and Enterprise subscription, you won’t be required to confirm your identity and will be able to make transfer request, submit expense report and get an Instant card. We will request a proof of identity only if you need a virtual or physical card.

These regulatory checks are aimed at preventing money laundering, terrorism, and fraud in general. They generally take 24 hours, but can last up to 5 business days for very specific cases.

We will be able to receive incomes while your account is under verification.

You'll receive a confirmation email as soon as verifications regarding your company are finalized and limits of use will be automatically removed.

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