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Who can open a Qonto account
Who can open a Qonto account on behalf of my company?
Who can open a Qonto account on behalf of my company?
Written by Grace
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It's possible to open a Qonto account if:

  • You are a director of the company;

  • If you're the chairman of an association or a cooperative;

  • If you have a proxy;

In both cases, go to!

If you are a director, follow the classic register, by clicking on one of the names displayed. If you're a director but don't appear on the list, click "A director not listed here".

On the other hand, if you're not a director, but want to sign up on behalf of one of them, click on the message displayed at the bottom of the list.

❗️You will only be able to use your company's Qonto account for corporate activity, for example for the payment of salaries, the payment of invoices, etc. On the other hand, you cannot use your Qonto account to collect funds on behalf of third parties, a situation for which Qonto will close your account with 30 days' notice.

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