During your registration, we ask you to provide a proof of address that is less than 3 months old for each user.

You can provide either:

  • A utility bill (e.g. power, water, gas, internet or landline). Please note that mobile phone invoices are not accepted.

  • A certification of utility contract (e.g. from your electricity supplier)

  • Your last tax assessment

👆 Note : the document you send us must include a consumption postal address.

If you don't have any proof of address under your name, you can provide:

⚠️ Important: In order to validate your file quickly, your proof of address must respect the following conditions:

- Be in color

- Be less than three-month-old

- Perfectly legible and clear (must not be blurred or stained, no shadow or flash must no impede the visibility of the document)

- Must not be truncated, the four corners of the document must be visible

- The address needs to be exactly the same as the one you entered when you registered

For optimal quality, we recommend to send us the document in original PDF format.

The document must be written in the following languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, German.

If this not the case, the proof of address must be translated into one of the languages quoted by a sworn translator.

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