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What are contributions?

Contributions are defined as the assets that each partner brings to the capital of a company. The partner can bring cash, a contribution in kind (or contributions in industry). In return, each partner receives shares in proportion to the value of the contribution to the capital.

If you wish to proceed with the initial capital deposit with Qonto, you must be prepared to pay the entire amount of the contributions, before obtaining the deposit certificate.

There are 2 types of contributions currently accepted by Qonto:

💶 Cash contributions:

The cash contribution corresponds to a money deposit made by the associates in order to create the share capital of the company. Please note that the cash contribution at Qonto can be made by bank transfer only.

For more information and advice, here is our article dedicated to paying your share capital.

🏭 Contributions in kind:

When a partner makes a contribution in kind, it means that he transfers the ownership or enjoyment of an asset to the company being formed. In return, the contributor receives shares in the company, which gives him the status of partner. The total of the contributions made by the associate(s) will constitute the share capital. For a contribution in kind, the partner can bring a wide variety of goods.

It can be:

1 - Intangible assets: shares, patents or trademarks, for example.

2 - Tangible assets: Vehicle, computer equipment, industrial tools, real estate, land...

It is also possible to compose the contribution in kind of part or all of a business.

→ Qonto now accepts in-kind contributions of up to 30,000 euros

→ Note that the contribution must not exceed half of the total amount of the share capital

⚠️ Only companies with the legal forms SARL, EURL, SAS, SASU can make contributions in kind at Qonto.

Please note: Qonto does not offer the possibility to create a company with variable capital or to proceed to a partial capital liberation.

Our teams are actively working to bring you new improvements!

💡 Want to increase your share capital after your company is created?

Qonto supports you for all your fundraising projects, available directly from your Qonto account.

For more information, all the steps are explained in this article.

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