What is a bulk transfer?
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A bulk transfer allows you to schedule up to 400 transfers at once from your desktop.

No need to initiate these transfers one by one anymore: for example, you can pay all your suppliers at the end of the week, or all your employees at the end of the month, in a few clicks.

💡Good to know: Sending instant transfers does not concern bulk transfers.

You just have to group all your payments in one file. You can choose one of those two formats:

  • the .XML one,

  • or the .CSV one.

The .XML format allows you to export your list of transfers directly from your accounting or payment tool, like PayFit. The full process is explained in this article.

Using .CSV format, you just need a simple Excel table to create your file and upload it on your Qonto app. However, you have to follow the template we created for you. You can download it at the end of this article, or directly from your app.

💡 This feature is available only from the Solo Smart Plan.

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