How to approve a transfer request?
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For Business and Enterprise plan users, our Requests feature allows team members to initiate transfer requests on behalf of an Admin or Manager, who is notified and can approve or reject a demand in just a few clicks.

This feature allows managers to stay in control of their company finances while giving more freedom to their team.

How to approve a transfer request in Qonto?

  • Log in to your Qonto app, from your desktop or your mobile

  • Go to the Tasks tab in the main menu (mobile app: at the top right of the home screen). Once your team sent you a transfer request, the transaction remains in the Pending tab, waiting for your validation.

  • Select a transfer request by clicking on it. You can now verify the transfer details.

  • Approve or decline the transfer request accordingly. Buttons are displayed at the bottom of your screen. (NB: for the Manager role, the validation of this request will only be possible if the amount of the transfer does not exceed the limit per transfer / monthly limit defined by the Account holder or an Administrator)

  • You’ll be able to comment on your decision if you choose to reject a transfer request.

💡 If you have set up Strong Customer Authentication on your account, you will receive a confirmation request on your associated phone

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