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What are the different statuses of a card transaction?
What are the different statuses of a card transaction?
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What are the different statuses of a card transaction?

Transactions related to your Qonto account appear immediately in your transaction history and your balance is updated instantly.

You can choose to filter the view of your transactions to show only those related to your cards. To do so, from the Business Account > History, you can click on Filters then select Method and Card.

Your interface may provide a clarification depending on the status of the transaction:

  • A card transaction indicated as "Processing" has been authorized on our end but the merchant has not yet confirmed the debit. The amount is blocked on your account but has not yet been debited (more info here). The transaction will then be declined, reversed or settled.

  • A card transaction marked as "Declined " has not been authorized and therefore has not been charged to your account (more info here).

  • A card transaction marked as "Reverted " means that we have not received the confirmation from the merchant. The amount has been released on your available balance.

  • A card transaction that does not indicate any details is "Settled " and the merchant’s account has been credited. The amount has been debited from your account.

Transaction statuses are important in order to understand how your account balance is calculated.

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