There's nothing easier than processing a transfer!

You can make a transfer directly from your web or mobile app.

How to make a transfer?

💻 On your web app:

  • Go to the Transfers section and click on Make a transfer;

  • Select External transfer in euros

  • In case you have several accounts, select the one you want to debit;

  • Select a beneficiary or enter the information about a new beneficiary: complete name as indicated on the RIB (name / first name / company name), IBAN, VAT rate, Category or Associated labels, etc. We will save this beneficiary automatically so that you won't have to create it again.

  • Enter the transfer reference and amount;

You have other options in order to personalise your transfer. Click on the toggles of the following options you want to use:

  • Attachment, if you want to add a supporting document to your transfer, or in case the amount exceeds 30,000 euros

  • Beneficiary notification, in case you want us to send an email to the beneficiary with transfer details

  • Scheduling and recurrence allows you to define the date you want the transfer to be emitted, or to set a rule for its recurrence

  • Bookkeeping details, which allows you to define beneficiary VAT rate, custom labels in case you have it in your price plan, and a note to remember what this transfer is about

  • Click on Continue

  • Take a last look on the transfer details, and click on Submit

  • You will probably be asked to confirm the operation with you mobile phone

☝️ Good to know : In order to save time, you can settle your VAT rate and associated label for every single beneficiary, by clicking on Bookkeeping, then Suppliers. Once it's done, you don't need to think about it anymore! You will find already filled-in the dedicated fields with the information, when you will create a new transfer while you are making it.

📲 On your mobile app:

  • Go to the Transfers section and click on the black + icon in the top right corner of your screen;

  • Select the account you want to debit;

  • Either select an existing beneficiary from your list, or add a new beneficiary by clicking on Add a new beneficiary, then add their details;

  • Enter the transfer reference and amount;

  • We recommend that you add a note and an attachment such as an invoice to make your accountant's work easier.

  • You can confirm the transfer!

Transfers between Qonto accounts are not deducted from your plan, and credited instantly! All you need to do is follow the same procedure as for a traditional transfer, by filling in the bank account details (IBAN) of your beneficiary.

How to schedule a transfer or set recurring transfers? 📆

You can also schedule a transfer for a later date and even set recurring transfers (to pay the rent of your office, for example).

Here's the process:

  • Go to the Transfers section and click on Make a transfer;

  • When filling the transfer details, click on Scheduling and Recurrence;

  • Choose the scheduled date for your transfer;

  • Choose a frequency if you wish to make it recurring;

  • Fill in the rest of the form as you would do for any other transfer;

  • You can confirm the transfer!

☝️ Tip: To save time on your SEPA transfers, use the link in the search bar of your web browser. You will be taken directly to the SEPA transfers page.

💡 If you have set up Strong Customer Authentication on your account, you will receive a confirmation request on your associated phone.

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