With Qonto, transfers are instant by default, and so received within 10 seconds after they've been sent.

If your instant SEPA fails, you may have the possibility to chose and send a standard SEPA transfer instead. SEPA transfers are usually received within 24 to 48 business hours after they’ve been sent.

Sending date depends on the type of transfer you're making:

  • Instant SEPA transfers are sent and received within 10 seconds.

  • Euro standard SEPA transfers made before 10:40 AM are sent the same day (business day)

  • Euro standard SEPA transfers made after 10:40 AM are sent the following business day

  • Non-euro SWIFT transfers are sent within 5 business days

Please make sure that you have a sufficient balance to process your transfer to avoid any rejected transfers.

If your account has been debited but your beneficiary hasn't received their money after 3 business days, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team who will be happy to give a hand.

☝️ Did you know?

  • Transfers between Qonto accounts are instant ! ⚡️

  • Once your transfer has been sent, you can download a proof of payment. 📄

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