With Qonto, transfers are usually received 24-48h (working days) after they've been sent.

Transfers date depend on the type of transfer you're making:

  • Euro SEPA transfers made before 10:40 AM are sent the same day,

  • Euro SEPA transfers made after 10:40 AM are sent the following day,

  • Non-euro SEPA transfers are sent within 5 working days.

Please make sure that you have a sufficient balance to process this transfer to avoid any rejected transfers.

If your account has been debited but your beneficiary hasn't received his/her money after 3 business days, please get in touch with our Customer Support Team who will be happy to give a hand.

☝️ Also, did you know that:

  • transfers between Qonto accounts are instants,

  • you can download a proof of payment as soon as it has been sent (more info here).

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