Of course! When you're abroad, you can make payments with your Qonto Mastercard and withdraw money from any ATM.

Wherever Mastercard is accepted, you'll be able to use your Qonto card. More than 36 million places around the world accept Mastercard, so you can travel as much as you want!

How can I pay abroad?

If you didn't activate Payments abroad option while creating your card, you can do it directly from your Qonto app:

  1. Go to the Cards section

  2. Choose the physical card you want to update and click on Edit settings

  3. Activate (or deactivate) your permissions including Payments abroad as you wish and in real-time

Be careful, payment by magnetic stripe is not accepted at Qonto, we advise you to use contactless payment for small payments, or your PIN for larger amounts.

Some countries (e.g. USA) payment terminals do not require you to enter your PIN code. If the transaction is not contactless, the payment by card will be impossible.

In this case, the only workaround we can suggest you is to use your smartphone to pay for your transactions with Apple Pay or Google Pay (secure, contactless transactions with no amount limit).

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