Your X card gives you access to more than 1100 airport lounges worldwide.

This card gives you access to the lounge regardless of the airline you choose and the type of ticket you have. However, you will have to pay a €28 entrance fee to the lounge whenever you use this service.

How does it work?

  • Consult the list of available lounges on our partner's website and all the conditions of access,

  • Present your X card at the lounge reception desk, specifying that you have LoungeKey access.

  • Pay the €28 entrance fee to the lounge.

  • Enjoy a relaxing moment before or between your two flights.

Shall I download the LoungeKey app?

Please note that you don’t have to register or download the app to access the airport lounges. Your X card is enough.

However, LoungeKey provides an application to discover the list of available lounges and register before your visit. (iOS - Android)

Good to know

As this service is provided by a third party, Qonto cannot guarantee entry, lounge availability and listed services.

However, if you experience any issues accessing a lounge, please let us know !

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