Can I pay a postal bulletin with Qonto?

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Qonto provides you with all the payment methods you may need for your business: virtual cards, physical cards, SEPA transfers and direct debits, and F24.

As of October 17, it's also possible to pay pagoPA notices, but we don't yet offer payment of postal bills on our platform.

Good news! You can still pay a postal bulletin online through the Poste Italiane website with your Qonto Mastercard. Just go to the section of the site called "pay online."

We would like to remind you, in fact, that your Mastercard Qonto debit card can be used for any type of online payment.

In the same section of the Poste Italiane website, again with your Qonto card, in addition to postal slips (blank or pre-filled), you can also pay:

  • MAV bulletins

  • Car tax

Once you make the payment, the system will ask you to enter your email address, to which the payment receipt will be sent immediately.

Remember that to use Poste Italiane's online payment service, you must have an active account. If you do not have one, you can create your account for free at

Pay online

You can pay utility bills, fines, F24, and car tax stamps. And you keep everything online.

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