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How can I customize the notifications I receive from Qonto?
How can I customize the notifications I receive from Qonto?
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In order to keep control of your finances, you can choose to enable emails and mobile notifications.

From a computer

In the top left corner of your home page, click on Settings & Tools, then Personal settings 👉 Notifications on the page that appears.

You have the possibility to activate all notifications (mail and push notification), by clicking on the grey button.

If you wish to customize and activate only certain notifications, simply click on your company name and check the type of notification you wish to receive: email or push notification or both.

From the mobile app

Click on More at the bottom right of your application, then Settings & Tools and finally Notifications.

Simply check the boxes corresponding to the notifications you wish to receive, or conversely uncheck those you do not wish to receive.

For the Receipt reminder feature, the user can disable it in the settings, from a computer (only available to the Owner or Administrators).

To enable or disable this service:

  1. Go to the "Settings and Tools" section

  2. Then in “Receipt management"

  3. Click on "Missing-Receipts Reminder"

  4. Choose the automation you want to enable or disable:

👆 Those settings are only available from a Desktop

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