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How does the promotional code work?

  • Promo codes apply to your monthly subscription fee. They do not apply to additional fees (such as those for additional transactions, like withdrawals or additional card orders). Details of the various additional fees can be found in the following article.

  • Promotional codes apply a discount to your monthly subscription fee each month while they are active. For example, if you have a promotional code of €29 for 6 months, a maximum of €29 will be deducted from your monthly fee each month for 6 months.

  • If you have several promotional codes, you can enter them all on your web interface. Only one code can be active at a time. You will therefore have visibility on which one is active and which ones are pending. Promotional codes will be applied automatically in the order in which they were entered.

💡 For accounts in the process of depositing capital, all promotional codes can only be applied once your Qonto account has been well validated.

Entering the promotional code

To apply a promotional code to your Qonto account, you need to log in from a computer and perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the Settings & Tools section of your Qonto web application.

  2. Click on Account settings.

  3. Click on the Offers & Discounts section.

  4. Enter your promotional code under Promo Code and click Add.

  5. That's it, your promo code will be taken into account automatically. 🎉

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