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Receipt Bank has developed a connection with Qonto to ease the processing of transaction receipts.

Attach your receipts to your Qonto transactions and they will be automatically imported to Receipt Bank.

How does it work?

Connect to your Qonto account

  1. Go to the Connect section of your Qonto app.

  2. At the bottom of the page, in To Go Further, click on the link Build your own integration with our API.

  3. Generate a secret key by clicking on Generate. This will allow you to connect your Qonto account to Receipt Bank. Copy these two elements.

☝️Good to know: If you're an Accountant and cannot see the secret key of your client, please contact the Qonto account Admin to generate the secret key.

Connexion to Receipt Bank

  1. Go to your Receipt Bank account. In the navigation bar on the left, within the Connections menu, click on Costs.

  2. Select Qonto on the newly opened page.

  3. Paste the Qonto login and secret key and choose how many months of Qonto receipts you want to import to Receipt Bank.

  4. Click on Connect Qonto to finalize the connection.

How to retrieve Qonto receipts on Receipt bank?

  • Attach your receipts to your Qonto transactions. To find out how to upload a receipt on Qonto, please visit 👉 our FAQ.

  • Your Qonto receipts will be automatically added to Receipt Bank in the Inbox of the Costs section.

✌️Good to know: In case the receipts imported from Qonto to Receipt Bank have already been added to Receipt Bank, the duplicate receipts will be automatically merged into Archive or Inbox on Receipt Bank.

Qonto is also connected to many other tools, to bring you the flexibility you need and allow you to go further in your finance management. Get the list of tools and discover how to connect them to your Qonto account in this article.

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