What is probative value certification?
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Starting December 14, 2020, when you upload an attachment to a transaction in the Business account section of your Qonto app, we store it and certify its probative value. You no longer need to gather up and meticulously keep all your receipts in your drawer!

Note that this feature is available for our Smart, Premium, Essential, Business and Enterprise plans.

☝️ Good to know: Qonto does not have access to your original receipts. You thus undertake to send unmodified documents only (receipts, expense reports and other supporting documents) and to follow our guidelines to avoid any repudiation of their validity by the tax administration. In the event of an audit, Qonto cannot be held liable if the digital version of your receipts does not match the original version.

What does it mean exactly?

More precisely, it means that your paper and digital receipts have exactly the same legal value. You are thus free to discard your paper receipts while remaining in good standing in the eyes of the law and the relevant authorities.

What are the guidelines to follow?

To have an attachment certified, you must provide us with a digital true copy of the original. To facilitate this process, ensure the following:

  • The document must be legible, uncompressed and unmodified

  • The colors must be the same as the original

  • The document must not be cut or cropped

Make sure also that the following information appears:

  • A description of the item (or service) and its price

  • The VAT rate and amount

  • Information about the vendor: company name, address and VAT number

  • The date and time of the transaction

  • The date and receipt number

✌️ Good to know: If your file is in PNG or JPG format, Qonto will convert it to PDF automatically. You don’t need to do a thing!

Please note that this feature does not support screenshots taken with the latest macOS Big Sur 11.4 version.

Is it secure enough?

Yes, of course! First, Qonto issues the probative value certification of your attachment by creating an electronic signature and digital stamp automatically via a service provider. You will also be provided with the date and time of the certification.

Then, Qonto stores your files in accordance with the European eIDAS regulation indefinitely and securely. In the event of an audit, simply export your digital receipts.

💡Please keep in mind that probative value is not retroactive and that in case of downgrade, certified attachments are still certified.

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