How can I add my Qonto card to Apple Wallet?
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You can now use your Qonto card with Apple Pay. Add your card to Apple Wallet and pay all your purchases in stores or on the web in a simple, fast and secure way. You have several options to add your card to Apple Wallet.

How can I add a card on my Qonto app?

You can add a physical or virtual Qonto card to Apple Wallet from your Qonto mobile app, in the Cards section. To do so, simply click on the Apple Pay button below your card.

How can I add a card on my iPhone?

Here are the different steps you have to follow to add your Qonto card on your iPhone:

  1. From the section ‘Business Account’, click on 'Cards'

  2. Select the card you want to add to your Apple Wallet

  3. Click on Add to Apple Wallet

  4. Accept the Apple terms and conditions, then confirm your action

☝️ Good to know: You can also add your Qonto card directly from the Settings of your iPhone by clicking on Wallet & Apple Pay, then on Add card. Therefore, you will be able to add a new card or select one you already added. Otherwise, go directly to your Wallet app and follow the steps to add a new card. Qonto will just have to verify your information and that's it!

How can I add a card on my Apple Watch?

Go to the My Watch section of your Apple Watch app. Click on Wallet & Apple Pay then on Add card and follow the different steps. Qonto verifies your information so you can start using Apple Pay.

✌️ Good to know: To add a card on your iPad, all you have to do is go to the Settings section and follow the steps indicated above.

How can I add a card on my Mac?

To add a card to Apple Pay, you need a Mac model with Touch ID. You have it? Then go to the System Preferences section, Wallet & Apple Pay, and add a new card by following the process.

Can I add multiple Qonto cards?

Of course, you can add all your physical, virtual or Instant* Qonto cards to Apple Wallet. You just need to follow the different steps depending on the chosen device.

👉 Check this article to know how to delete your Qonto card from Apple Wallet.

*Available on Advanced, Business and Entreprise Plans only.

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