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My company is not declared as active yet, may I still open a Qonto account? (Infocamere 🇮🇹)
My company is not declared as active yet, may I still open a Qonto account? (Infocamere 🇮🇹)
Updated over a week ago

Normally inactive companies cannot operate with Qonto accounts. However, we’ve designed an exceptional path in order to give Italian clients in your situation the possibility to access to our service.😉

After you register, and if everything is compliant with our T&C, we’ll validate your account and you can start using it. You’ll receive a notification email to confirm this situation and to let you know we give you 180 days from that moment to proceed with your company’s activation.

On your side we advise you to get in touch with your accountant/”commercialista” (or the person in charge of this type of action) for them to initiate the activity declaration process. Don’t worry, it’s a pretty straightforward action, it can even be done online from Infocamere/Registro imprese website by using the ComUnica service.

When your company is active, do not hesitate to send us at [email protected] a proof of activation with an updated Visura camerale or a receipt/acknowledgement from the Chamber of Commerce stating you initiated the process, within the 180-day limit provided.

To keep in mind! Without any notice from you, your account will be automatically closed. A dedicated agent will contact you to define the funds restitution process.

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