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How does the account transfer service work?
How does the account transfer service work?
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The account transfer service is a service that helps you transfer your professional account from any other bank to Qonto. At the moment, this service is only available in France.

With this service, you will:

  • Benefit from a tailored account transfer plan, based on the analysis of your transactions;

  • Follow the progress of your transfer at any time from a customised dashboard;

  • Enjoy a dedicated support by one of our agents.

This service can be used for free by all Qonto Owners and Admins, whether they are a new or existing customer.

I - How is my account transfer plan created?

The account transfer starts with the creation of a custom plan catered to your needs.

A dedicated Qonto agent will study your transaction information in order to create a customised action plan. These informations are synced between your former account and Qonto through a secure aggregation tool.

1) How does the bank aggregation process work?

In order to get your account transfer plan, you will need to start by syncing your previous account with Qonto through the aggregation tool Bridge by Bankin'.

Bridge will scan the complete list of your transactions over the past 12 months to identify all the incoming and outgoing transactions that will require an action on your part: direct debit mandates, transfers and card payments.

Once your transactions are scanned, you will get access to the complete list of actions that you'll need to perform, such as making changes to a direct debit mandate, changing your card codes or notifying your customers.

☝️ Good to know: Bridge is a service that allows you to access and retrieve your account information in a totally safe way. You keep control over your data and can ask your dedicated agent to delete them at any time.

2) How do I sync my bank account with Qonto?

To benefit from the service, simply visit the account transfer page by clicking on this link. You can also access it through Settings in the bottom left, then click on the Account transfer button.

Once you access the service, start filling your bank account details to connect it to Qonto.

Do you have several bank accounts in the same bank? You can select which one or which ones you want to switch and sync with Qonto.

✌️ Good to know: If you close the Bridge configuration process before finishing it and then try to reconnect, you are likely to receive an error message telling you an account already exists. In this case, please contact our Customer Support via the dedicated button: one of our agents will help you out.

3) How do I receive my account transfer plan?

Once your account is synced, you'll be invited to book a meeting with an agent, who will analyse your needs.

Based on this, we'll prepare and send you your account transfer plan.

II - How does the account switch work?

Once your bank switch plan is ready, you take the lead on your transition. Your dedicated agent will remain available at any time to help you, by email or by chat. Among other things, he can:

  • Guide you during your actions;

  • Confirm an action is complete or not;

  • Tell you about changes on your accounts.

Once your bank switch is finalised, you can then close your former bank account and fully enjoy Qonto!

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