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What can I do if my paired phone is lost, stolen or if I can't use it?
What can I do if my paired phone is lost, stolen or if I can't use it?
Updated over a week ago

If you have activated the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), you have paired your phone to login or to initiate a transaction or a sensitive action.

If your paired phone is unavailable, don't worry: contact us through the chat on your Qonto app. We will take care of unpairing your phone. Please note that only one phone can be paired per profile.

✌️Good to know: If after unpairing your phone, you do not re-paired a new one, your online card payments will automatically be declined. It is therefore necessary to pair a new phone in order to validate your operations.

How to pair a new phone?

Pairing a new phone is very simple and requires you to perform only two steps: a phone check and an identity check. It will only take you a few minutes.

  1. Start by opening your Qonto app on your new phone and enter your credentials

  2. On the screen that pops up, click on Change paired device

  3. Start the recovery process by e-mail. We'll first send you an e-mail, that you'll need to open with your new phone. From this e-mail, click on Verify my phone

  4. Back on your Qonto app, you'll only need to check your identity. To do so, we'll ask you to take a picture of your face. Adjust your face with the frame and click to take the picture.

✌️Good to know: To have your picture validated, please keep a straight face and make sure your eyes are visible if you wear glasses.

Once the verifications are successful, your new phone is paired, and you can connect to your app as usual.

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