How does the F24 work on Qonto?
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With Qonto you can pay taxes and duties by completing the F24 in a few minutes, in a simple and safe way.

In fact, Qonto allows you to make the F24 payment through an intuitive interface that follows the official Italian F24 model which makes it so easy to fill in all the fields on the app.

Furthermore, before the actual payment, Qonto takes care of reporting any error in the file, in order to guarantee greater security.

What type of F24 can I pay with Qonto?

Unlike the services offered by traditional banks, with Qonto you can make the F24 payment in both debit and credit.

This is possible thanks to our collaboration with a network of accountants who deal with the declaration and payment of your F24, as required by the F24 legislation with offsetting credits.

With Qonto you have the ordinary F24 model available and valid for the payment of the vast majority of taxes. You also have the option to pay for the simplified or predetermined F24: you just have to change them back to the ordinary model! To find out more, check out this article.

How can I pay for an F24?

In order to pay F24 through Qonto, the account Owner or Admin must activate the feature: it only takes a few minutes!

Once the feature has been activated, you can pay for all your F24 without limits and at no additional cost.


  1. Log in to your Qonto app on your computer, click on F24 and then click on Get started;

  2. Click on the sections for the F24 form relevant to your payment and enter the missing data and information:

  • Qonto automatically fills in the Taxpayer section, so the first time you make an F24 payment, make sure that the information entered in this section is correct; these information will also be stored for future payments. If necessary, you can of course change the data for any payment and you will find the same pre-entered information when you make the next one.

  • It is your responsibility to fill in the other sections for Authorities Tax, INPS, Regions, IMU, Other local taxes and Other social security and insurance bodies.

  1. click on Continue, give your payment a name and then click on Continue again;

  2. if you have one or multiple accounts, choose the account you want to make the payment with;

  3. verify that all the information entered are correct, click on Confirm and then on Close.

Remember that once confirmed, it is not possible to delete an F24 from the Qonto app. However, you can contact our customer service on the day of filling in to request to cancel the payment.

👉Please note: refunds for canceled F24s are not immediate.

It may take 5-7 business days for the funds to be credited back to your account."

☝️ Good to know: before final confirmation, Qonto carries out the main checks on the model and automatically reports any compilation errors, so you can correct them before confirming the payment. After your confirmation, the accountant to whom your payment is delegated takes care of an additional check, in order to further limit the risk of errors.

How long does it take to pay for an F24?

Filling an F24 takes only a few minutes! Once started, remember to finish it and do not interrupt it in order to avoid to repeat the process from the beginning.

After you have confirmed all the data entered, Qonto transfers the amount owed from your account to one of our partner accountants, who further verifies the absence of errors in the form and makes the payment.

From the moment after you fill and submit your F24, it takes 3 business days to complete your payment.

For now it is not possible to decide the exact date on which the payment must be made but you will find the precise date on which the payment will be made before filling out and confirming your F24. To meet the deadline, remember to fill out your form in advance and take into account the necessary timelines indicated above.

We will keep you informed of the status of your payment via email and will notify you as soon as the relevant receipt is available.

Who can fill out my F24?

The F24 form on the Qonto app can only be filled by the account owner or Admin or by anyone with access to the account as an Accountant.

👉 We are working to further improve the process of your F24 filling, with the aim of making it fully automatic! Soon you just need to take a photo of the completed F24 paper form or upload it in a pdf format: all the information will automatically appear on the online template within your Qonto app.

Do you want to know when the autofill process will be available? Write to our customer service via the chat located in the lower right corner of this page, and we will contact you as soon as the new feature is activated.

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