You can add your Qonto business account to your DATEV user interface via the DATEV Unternehmen online (DUO) portal.

The following requirements are necessary to connect your account to DUO:

  • You or your tax advisor have fully set up DUO for your business.

  • You have SmartLogin/ SmartCard or mIdentity for your login to DUO.

How to connect Qonto to the DATEV interface:

1. Add business account to DUO

  • Log in to DUO at

  • In the App area, go to "Stammdaten".

  • Now click on Company details on the menu bar on the left.

  • In the next window, go to the Bank tab.

  • Now click on + Add bank account in the Bank accounts field. If you have several Qonto accounts (sub-accounts), please add them individually.

  • Enter your Qonto account details and click Add.

  • Select Settings Payment transactions below.

  • By clicking on New / Add, you create an HBCI access for the previously created account connection.

  • A window now informs you about the third-party provider finAPI, which provides the banking interface. Click on Next.

  • Now select the interface Access to Account (XS2A).

2. Establish an interface connection to Qonto

  • In the next window, enter your Qonto IBAN in both the Login data field and the Account references field.

  • Then click Retrieve Bank Data.

3. Synchronise Qonto transactions

  • Go to the "Stammdaten" application and click Company Details in the "Stammdaten" Online section. Select the desired account. In the Settings field, go to the Sales Collection section and click Apply.

  • Under the Bank application, go to Homepage Bank. Now start the synchronisation. In the Bank Account field, click on the Update button (two green arrows). Now your data will be transferred to DUO.

  • Select Check Account Transactions to check the "Principal Bank Account" and the "User" again. Finally, click on Get Account Transactions.

Your transaction data has been successfully synchronised and you can view it in your DATEV application.

Do you have questions about linking your account with DATEV or synchronising your account transactions? DATEV Unternehmen online offers technical support and provides you with further information in the DATEV Help Portal.

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