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Can my company benefit from the "Solde bancaire insaisissable" (SBI)?
Can my company benefit from the "Solde bancaire insaisissable" (SBI)?
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This article is related to companies registered in France 🇫🇷

Depending on your company's legal status, your bank must leave a minimum amount in your account when it is seized: this is called the Solde bancaire insaisissable, or SBI.

How does the SBI work?

The SBI amount is equal to the amount of the RSA, regardless of your family situation. You can find the exact amount on the government's website.

In case of an administrative seizure or attachment to your account, and if your legal form entitles you to the SBI, this amount will not be isolated.

The SBI can only be applied once per seizure (all banks combined) for 1 month. This means that if a new seizure is presented on the account in the same month, the SBI will not apply, and the balance in the account can be isolated.

💡If your account balance is lower than the SBI amount, no amount will be seized.

Am I eligible for the SBI?

Eligibility for the SBI depends on the legal form of your company.

✅ Legal form entitled to the SBI:

  • Individual Limited Liability Entrepreneur (EIRL)

  • Artisan-trader

  • Trader

  • Artisan

  • Liberal profession

  • Agricultural operator

  • Commercial agent

  • (Other) Natural person

❌ Legal form not entitled to the SBI:

  • General partnership

  • Limited partnership

  • Limited Liability Company (SARL)

  • Limited Liability Company (SARL) (Single-member)

  • Public limited company with board of directors

  • Public limited company with executive board

  • European company

  • Special commercial cooperative company

  • Simplified joint-stock company (SAS)

  • Simplified joint-stock company (Single-member) (SASU)

  • Civil company

  • Economic interest grouping

  • Foreign legal entity, registered with the RCS

  • Association under the 1901 law or similar.

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