Do you want to dispute a card debit?

This can be:

1- A commercial litigation:

You have registered your card number on the merchant’s website:

  • The merchant did not meet his commitments:

You paid for a service, but it was not honored.

  • Your order does not comply or has not been delivered:

The ordered item is not consistent with the one displayed on the site.

The package was not delivered.

For these cases, we invite you to first contact the merchant to request a refund. If you do not get satisfaction, you will have to send us the exchanges that you have had.

by e-mail.

  • You notice a recurring debit

You failed to cancel the trial period of a subscription.

You have a debit card following a subscription.

=> If you have subscribed to a service, you must first request for its cancellation. This action is possible from the client space of the merchant site.

However, if you do not succeed, you will have to contact the merchant’s customer service.

If your request is not heard, you can send us email exchanges or other proof of attempt to resolve the situation with the merchant.

2- A fraudulent payment by card:

You notice a debit by card on your account from which you are not the originator.

First of all, we advise you to declare your card as “lost” or “stolen” to avoid new fraudulent transactions. You can therefore get closer to our service so that we can tell you how to proceed.

3- A withdrawal from an automatic cash machine (ATM) debited but not honoured.

You made a withdrawal from an ATM but the tickets are not out. You can contact us so that we can give you the procedure.

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