Qonto accept the on-boarding of your association 🙂

Here is the list of accepted associations in detail:

✅ Declared association

✅ Declared association (economic integration companies)

✅ Association declared to be of public utility

✅ Association of lawyers with individual professional responsibility

✅ Intermediary association

However, we reject the associations below:

❌ Local law association

❌ Undeclared association

❌ Not having a SIREN number
❌ Authorized union association

❌ Free Trade Union Association

In order to allow you to open an account as smoothly and quickly as possible, with a minimum of exchanges with the customer service, we invite you to prepare your registration by having in your possession:

  • The status of your association up to date

These documents will be requested by e-mail shortly after your registration and the signature of the contract.

The deposit of these documents in the associated form will allow you to open an account as soon as possible 😇

Do you meet all these requirements? Join Qonto for a privileged experience and support, and take advantage of 1 month offered without commitment.

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