How to review my transactions for accounting?
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Whether you are independent or in a company, the transactions review process ensures that everything is correctly prepared for accounting.

Several parameters need to be considered:

  • Receipts are attached to correct transactions

  • VAT amount is captured

  • Right categories and labels are applied

At Qonto, we ease your bookkeeping preparation so that you can concentrate on what matters for your business.

Step 1 - Filter your transactions

Go to the Transactions section of your Business account.

  • Filter more precisely by creating custom views, adding multiple criteria, clicking on Filters. You will be able to set up filters once and have access to it each time you connect to Qonto.

☝️ You can access several types of transactions using the "or" condition. All relevant transactions will be displayed at once!

For example: Filter "transactions of more than 50euros" OR "the ones updated last week AND the ones from the marketing category".

Step 2 - Verify your transactions

When you click on a transaction, a side panel appears. You have access to a full screen verification module by clicking on the receipt attached to the transaction.

You don't approve the transaction:

  • If there's any other missing info (VAT, labels), you can add them or contact the person to add them.

You approve the transaction:

  • Click on Mark as verified at the end of the side panel. Your transaction is ready for accounting!

☝️ To save time, you can use the default view "To verify" and select multiple transactions at once, and apply Mark as verified on the whole selection (only available on the web app). Note that this new feature is available from the Smart plan and above.

How to access all the mark as verified transactions?

In the Transactions section, filter: Verification and is done. You'll get the full list of verified transactions.

💡 Filters are accessible for all ! However, bookkeeping functionalities (Request attachment, Mark as verified) are only accessible from the Smart Plan. You can upgrade to an advanced plan by going in the Settings to the Billing and invoices section

💡 Did you know you can give viewing access to your accountant directly? This will ease your interactions! 👉 How can I give access to my accountant?

💡 All team members, on Essential, Business and Entreprise plans, will be reminded to upload their receipts in case they have transactions without receipts.

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