Qonto is a payment institution supervised by the Bank of France and operates in Italy through a branch supervised by the Banca d'Italia.

In compliance with customer due diligence obligations and the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree No. 90/2017, Qonto is required to identify the ultimate beneficial owners who directly or indirectly control or own your company. ☝️

If your company is a partnership (Società di persone S.s. - S.a.s. - S.n.c.)

The ultimate beneficial owners are all the partners (as owners), regardless of the type of share held (e.g. limited or general partner - socio accomandante o accomandatario) and regardless of the percentage of participation in the capital. The percentage of participation in the capital is in fact only applicable to corporations and not to partnerships company.

If your company is a corporation (Società di capitale S.p.a. - S.a.p.a. - S.r.l. - S.r.l.s.)

The ultimate beneficial owners are the physical persons who hold more than 25% of the capital of your company.

🔎 If more than 25% of your company's capital is held by a person who is not a physical person, the ultimate beneficial owner will be, going back up the chain of ownership, the physical person or persons who ultimately hold these holdings.

In other cases, ultimate beneficial owners are those who exercise control over your company and have a dominant influence, or have powers of administration or management of the company (regardless of the percentage shareholding).

In the case that is not possible for us to identify the beneficial owners of your company, unfortunately will not be possible to proceed with the finalization of your registration.

In fact, in accordance with anti-money laundering regulations, only after a proper verification of the identity of the beneficial owner will it be possible to proceed with the opening of the account and grant you full access to its functions. 🚀


In the event that we could not identify at least one beneficial owner for your company, we will ask you to complete this statement in which you declare the beneficial owner(s) yourself.

Declaration of beneficial owners.pdf

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