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Which role should I assign to my employee: Manager or Employee?
Which role should I assign to my employee: Manager or Employee?

Manager role

Updated over a week ago

The Employee role is available on Essential, Business and Enterprise plans, while the Manager role is only on the Business and Enterprise team plans.

The Employee has a more restricted access than the Manager which comes with a certain level of delegation. The role you will assign to your employee or team lead depends on your organisation's particular needs.

We describe below a couple of use cases that will help Admins and the Account Holder decide what's best for their company.

  • I want my team leads to handle the expense management for their own team and I trust them to spend the company money in line with the pre-agreed company policies. - You can assign them the Manager role, it will allow your team leads to independently manage the spending for their team.

  • I want my manager to be able to import invoices, review them, pay or request payment - You can assign them the role of Manager with the Whole company scope, and activate the permission Upload and set up supplier invoices. If you’d like them to pay all invoices or some invoices within payment limits, you will need to enable “Make and approve transfers, and reimburse expense reports”. Note that if they do not have transfers permissions or they have reached their transfers limits, they will be able to make a transfer requests in the Supplier Invoice section.

  • I need my team lead to be able to create cards for their team. - You will need the Manager role, as users with the Employee role can't create cards. One thing to keep in mind is that the Manager is in liberty of creating any cards and setting the limits on its own for their team. All of which information is available for the Admins and the Account Holder to see under the Cards tab on the Qonto account and they can freeze cards easily if ever needed.

  • I want to approve all outgoing transfers. - We suggest the Employee role in this case, as the user with the Manager role has the independence to make transfers without having you first approve it, within his monthly limit / per transfer limit, which you have previously set. As an employee, making a transfer request does not need the user to submit proof of identification. As an admin or Account Holder, you will still able to check all transactions that the Manager does under the History tab on the Qonto account. We also suggest that you could have clear guidelines in place on how Managers and their team can spend the company money.

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