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How to take a good picture of your identity card / passport / residence permit?
How to take a good picture of your identity card / passport / residence permit?
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In order for the photo of your identity document to be valid to complete your registration, we invite you to take two photos of your document directly with your smartphone:

  • A photo of the front

  • A photo of the back

  • A photo of both passport pages

❗️We do not accept screenshots

Make sure that all the information in your identity document is clearly readable for our agents in charge of verifying your identity.

Most photos are not accepted due to poor image quality. If this is the case, you will have to upload your document again, thus extending the processing times for your registration.

Find how to take good-quality photos ✅

  • Make sure that your identity document is not damaged and that all information is readable (if the document is cut, worn, or if parts are damaged) use another document

  • Sit in a bright place and place the document on a table with no other objects around

  • When taking the photo with your smartphone, focus on the entire document as its 4 corners must be visible

After taking the two pictures, front and back, check that all the information is easily readable before the upload to avoid repeating this step

Here are the common mistakes you should not make ❌

The photo is blurry ❌

The photo is cropped ❌

Light reflections make the information unreadable ❌

The photo is too dark ❌

The ID is crooked ❌

💡 Additional tips:

  • Clean the lens of your cell phone

  • Hold your phone securely without moving

  • Frame well the 4 corners of the document

  • After taking the photo, make sure the information is legible. If you are not sure about the quality, please take a new one before sending

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